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A note from Wine Rover’s Cathryn Bell…..

As this month’s menu is very French inspired, I have taken that as my lead and have gone predominantly French with my wine choices – with a little bit of room for some interesting “alternatives” too!


Laherte Frères, Rosé de Meunier Extra Brut, Champagne, France, NV

This menu starts with some exuberant hors d’oeuvres and so we need some equally exuberant bubbles in the form of this rosé Champagne from small grower producer, Laherte Frères.
Laherte Frères are the relatively new kids on the block in Champagne, having been founded in 1980 by brothers Christian and Thierry, and is now spearheaded by Thierry’s son, Aurélien, who himself, was founded, in 1983. The Domaine owns 11 hectares, spread over 80 plots and 10 different crus and Aurélien works them with different degrees of organic and biodynamic viticulture (which is no mean feat in Champagne!). This is made from the lesser known red grape Pinot Meunier – a grape that usually takes the role of a backing dancer in Champagne, but is presented here in all its glory, upfront and centre stage! Red fruits, rose buds and hibiscus flowers finishing on the wonderful savoury brioche notes you’d expect from a fine Champagne such as this. Get yourself a bottle and get acquainted with the hidden gem that is Pinot Meunier!



Eric Bordelet, Château de Hauteville, Poiré Authentique, Normandy, France, 2019

Whilst France offers a few alternative sparkling wines to Champagne, have you ever tried a sparkling wine made from pears?
Authentique is a poiré made by Eric Bordelet in Normandy from his family’s ancient pear trees that have never been sprayed with chemicals. It’s beautifully light and floral with a nose of soft pears, sweet musk and pear tree blossom. It’s naturally low in alcohol (only 5% ABV) and has that magic combination of a touch of sweetness followed by a saline and savoury finish, making it the perfect aperitif for this menu.



Moulin de Gassac, Pont de Gassac Blanc, IGP Pays de Hérault, 2018

Moulin de Gassac came about as a partnership between the famed Languedoc producer Mas de Daumas and local vignerons with good sites, to save the vineyards that were under threat from the EU’s vine-pull scheme that saw the uprooting of hundreds of thousands of vines across the Languedoc in the 1990’s.
This wine therefore comes to us as a result of commitment and dedication to these special terroirs and the sharing of skills and talents between like-minded people with a passion for their work – what a perfect wine for this collaborative menu!
Pont de Gassac is a clever blend of Vermentino, Chardonnay, Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc, giving us the generosity and wild herbaceousness of this part of France, but remaining light on its feet. Watch how it tempers the kick of the wasabi in the salmon starter and how it amplifies the ingredients of the Thermidor sauce of the lobster – fantastic!



Château de Villeneuve, Saumur- Champigny AOP, Loire, France, 2018

Sometimes a wine smells so wonderful it makes you want to wear it as a perfume! This organic wine from the Loire valley is one of those, and the grape at play here is Cabernet Franc.
Cabernet Franc, either on its own or in a blend, will always bring purple fruit and flowers to the party and sometimes hints of green freshness, like crushing the whole blackberry bush, with leaves and stems and all. And then sometimes, in the right hands, it can bring a more sage and thoughtful depth to proceedings, with a sweet earthiness and savoury smokiness underneath the fruit and the flowers and it’s that expression that we have here from Château de Villeneuve.
It is the earthy, wholesome aspects of the two meat mains that I wanted to marry with the wine here, the truffle and mushrooms of the quail dish, the boudin noir and smoked potato of the suckling pig dish and the wine sings effortlessly both to the fresh notes of the of the peas a la française and the sweetness of the suckling pig and the accompanying Pichet “HP” sauce. A very worthy partner to these two incredible dishes!



Viñedos Verticales, Noctiluca Dolce, DO Sierras de Malaga, Spain, 2018

I couldn’t resist a slight deviation from the path, and I promise you, the diversion to this dessert wine from Malaga in Spain is worth the view.
Viñedos Verticales is a project between two friends to preserve the traditional winemaking heritage of the old vineyards that cling to the steep hills that overlook the Mediterranean Sea in Malaga. The vines can only be reached by foot, and the partners work them with the help of two mules, harvesting the grapes by hand and bringing them back to the village to be laid out in the sun and dried to concentrate the sweetness of these Moscatel de Alejandria grapes. Once dried, the grapes are fermented until the desired sugar and alcohol level is reached and then the fermentation is stopped and the wine is left to rest in stainless steel vats before being bottled. The intention here therefore, is to make a wine that revels in the sweet aromatics of the Moscatel grapes whilst at the same time preserving thier freshness.
This is a light dessert wine with only a touch of syrupy sweetness to match the balance of the vibrancy of the of the flavours in the dessert and its light textures (you had me at “Champagne jelly’!). Serve this nice and chilled and raise a glass to those mules!


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